Team: Didata Bosses
Event: Create your own event
Event Date: 21 Oct 2010


My target: $4,500.00Total raised: $4,600.00 AUD
  • Type1diabetes

Thanks for Supporting such a Great Cause!

13 Oct 10 16:30 PM
Posted by Dimension Data
4 of Dimension Data's Bosses are being dressed up in fancy costumes and locked up in their offices until they have reached their targets. They will have to reach specific targets before they can have a toilet break or food/water.

They believe very strongly in finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes and are willing to go the extra mile to support this cause

Create your own event for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

The mission of JDRF is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications through the support of research.

JDRF is the largest non-government funder of type 1 diabetes research in the world.

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Team Members
Dimension Data $30.00 AUD
Sonja Hume $800.00 AUD
Dougal Ingram $0.00 AUD
Andrew Phillips $2,550.00 AUD
John Preller $1,040.00 AUD
Please note: The above totals show the amounts dedicated to individual team members. $180.00 AUD has been dedicated directly to the team.
Didata Bosses’ Supporters:
Alice 16 Nov 10 donation $10.00 AUD Target Reached!!
Kham NSPIRE RECRUITMENT 16 Nov 10 donation $500.00 AUD We might have to get you a shorter skirt for next year's event!!
Gail 28 Oct 10 donation $100.00 AUD As always you look gorgeous Andrew - and I am sure you are ready 'to come out'!
Peta 25 Oct 10 donation $50.00 AUD I hope you got let out over the weekend it would be a shame to let that outfit go to waste - you sure is pretty!!
Tony 22 Oct 10 donation $30.00 AUD You don't really look like you want to get out?
22 Oct 10 donation $50.00 AUD LOVE the photo John!
Roy 21 Oct 10 donation $50.00 AUD Happy to donate so you won't send me any more photos
Vanessa Whelan 21 Oct 10 donation $30.00 AUD My husbands gonna want you real bad now!
Leanne Close, AFP 21 Oct 10 donation $30.00 AUD Personally, I think the clothes look great. But this is for a very good cause.
21 Oct 10 donation $200.00 AUD You must wear this next time you visit us at ABN!
Luke Vanlaar 21 Oct 10 donation $60.00 AUD Please split my donation between J. Preller and you
Darce 21 Oct 10 donation $30.00 AUD
21 Oct 10 donation $200.00 AUD Good luck JP
Tara 21 Oct 10 donation $10.00 AUD Go Son! Love the pink hair :)
21 Oct 10 donation $50.00 AUD Is this to let you out or keep you in?
Fifi 21 Oct 10 donation $10.00 AUD Please put back on your clothes
21 Oct 10 donation $20.00 AUD
Alex Brown 21 Oct 10 donation $10.00 AUD Hope your free soon!
21 Oct 10 donation $30.00 AUD Here you go John!!
21 Oct 10 donation $30.00 AUD Its such a good look. Good luck
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